The Instamob: How to Create Your Own Raging Mob in Seconds

Gary Fouse

Have you ever watched those videos of raging mobs in other parts of the world and wished you could do the same right here at home? You can. It's easy. Introducing the Instamob. Now you can create your own screaming, raging mobs right here in your own neighborhood.

Here's all you need.

1 One Israeli flag.

2 A t-shirt that shows you are Jewish

3 And finally, the secret password:

"Long live Israel"

Here are our lovely models, Steve and Michelle, demonstrating the Instamob on August 2 in Los Angeles:

As you can see, in mere seconds, you will be making lots of new friends who will sing your praises and invite you to embark on exciting vacations to exotic places like Poland.


Now no more long trips to the other side of the world. No more long airport lines going through security (caused by those raging mobs). Plus you don't have to worry about being kidnapped by those raging mobs.

So what are you waiting for? Operators are standing by.

Order your Instamob, and you will be creating your own raging mob yourself. Don't sit at home watching those raging mobs around the world. Create your own mob right here in the USA now with the Instamob.

But wait!

If you call in the next 30 minutes, we will include a second Instamob set absolutely free. Two Instamobs-two raging mobs!

Call now.

Appeasement is a failure & always has been

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Dark rye, Whole wheat or White bread-Leftists attacking leftists for racism

Maybe Al Sharpton and Eric Holder will volunteer for the next show in Mordor on the Potomac in D.C.?

The ultimate pinnacle of political correctness gone awry, the capping glory of excessive multiculturalism and diversity. The politically correct, effeminate, racist swedes went into near hysteria at this show that was branded racist from Denmark.

Do these politically correct morons remember or even know about John Howard Griffin and his book, Black Like Me? I read the book several times and it was required reading in High School for me. What would they think about what he did?

From TT:
"When, even undergoing a physical transformation to experience what it’s like to be in someone else’s skin, (in order to understand supposed racism) is not good enough for the multiculturalists.

NOTE: Truthfully, Leftists are indeed racists, they’re infatuated by the issue, and regularly lower the standards for ”people of color” because they can’t expect them to behave like sanctimonious leftist whities."

Reverse plantation syndrome is alive and well in Europe and Uber liberal white guilt there is no end to that guilt. PatriotUSA

Hat tip: Tunrda Tabloids.



Danish art project deemed racist by Swedes

Through Other Eyes gives "individuals an opportunity to try another ethnicity and possibly a different gender". Photo: Anna Andrea Malzer, Global Stories

Danish art project deemed racist by Swedes

A Danish performance art project meant to combat discrimination and celebrate diversity has been deemed racist in Sweden.

The Copenhagen-based theatre company Global Stories’ project Through Different Eyes has been removed from the Malmö Festival after more than 200 Swedes signed a petition accusing the project of racism.

Through Different Eyes invites the public to have their appearance altered by make-up artists so that they can temporarily assume a different ethnicity or gender. Participants are then invited to walk around in a crowded public space to experience the feedback they receive when in someone else’s skin.

“This is a project that celebrates diversity. We work with make-up artists and provide all kinds of transformations: from white to brown, brown to white, man to woman and woman to man. We are also looking in to transforming from young to old to address the age discrimination,” Through Different Eyes project leader Morten Nielsen told The Local.

The project was supposed to have been part of the currently-running Malmö Festival, but festival organisers on Sunday pulled the plug after the Swedes’ negative feedback and accusations that the project resembled offensive blackface performances.

“We apologise if people feel aggrieved and we have taken the criticism seriously. This part of the programme took an unexpected turn and we have decided to cancel it,” organiser Pella Ström wrote on the festival’s website.

A Global Stories spokesperson said the festival only used photos of white people having their skin darkened, when the project also allows for temporary transformations of all sorts. Photo: Anna Andrea Malzer,Global Stories

Ström told Berlingske that the cancellation of the project was a sign that Sweden “has advanced much further in the debate on integration and equality than Denmark”.

Danish historian and author Mikael Javling however had a much different take on the decision to cancel Through Different Eyes.

Javling, who has previously spoken with The Local about Swedes’ “downward spiral of silence” on issues of immigration and integration, called the cancellation “nearly comical”.

“We could laugh at it as we normally do when we talk abut Sweden, because their ideological discussions seem almost comical, but this is really serious. Sweden is a country where politicians, the media, the cultural elite – everyone, really – that has something to say [about integration issues, ed] is under severe pressure due to immigration and current issues,” he told Berlingske.

Nielsen, however, said he didn't want to "turn this into another Swedish and Danish fight".

"This is a very complex debate and I hope we don't lose the complexity when discussing Swedes' and Danes' differences. I can understand how minorities in Malmö might have seen this as a blackface project, but it is everything else but that. It is very hard to be accused of doing something that is the exact opposite of its intention," he told The Local.

Global Stories put on the Through Different Eyes project at the Malmö Festival last year without incident. Nielsen said that the festival "made a serious mistake" this year by only featuring a photo of man who had his skin darkened and claims the festival only added a second photo after the controversy had gotten out of control.

NOTE: The Local replaced the original image that ran with this story at the request of Global Stories, who said that they no longer allow children under the age of 14 to participate in their project. 

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Obama - the world is coming unglued, SO YOU NEED HIM MORE THAN EVER!!

Here is the link. I can't comment on this, if I allow my brain to take hold of it for more than a second I feel nauseous. Read it yourself.

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Anthem for The Post-Snowden Era

Just imagine your pres wearing Rob Halford's gear, singing this song ... you know you really want to thank about that.

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MPAC Press Conference on Extremism

Gary Fouse

Below is a video of the news conference held by the Muslim Public Affairs Council yesterday to announce their Safe Spaces initiative, which was described by MPAC President Salam al Marayati (sort of). In my view, it is long on generalities and short on specifics. Also speaking were Muzammil Siddiqi, head imam of the Orange County Islamic Center, Michael Downing of LAPD, Roberta Abner of LASD, and Maryum Ali (daughter of Mohammed Ali).


It all sounds nice, but I don't see any specifics here. It sounds to me like MPAC is saying, "Let us take care of the problem, and if we can't turn people around who look like they are thinking of joining the jihad, then we'll call in law enforcement." He also said that law enforcement has to consider the community as a partner rather than a suspect-that they can't have it both ways. If they do surveillance in the community, they are treating the community as a suspect, according to Marayati. He also said that houses of worship should be sanctuaries. I disagree. Not when we have so many subversive and hateful sermons coming out of so many mosques in the US.

As for Siddiqi, someone needs to give him a training course on how to spot suspects. Two terrorists have come out of his mosque, Adam Gadahn and Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen. Siddiqi also failed to "eject" the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, in 1992 when he came to Siddiqi's mosque and gave a sermon on violent jihad, which Siddiqi translated in real time. As for Downing, when I related that little tidbit to him in 2012 during a town hall on sharia at Siddiq's mosque, his response was, "Well Gary. Some people change over time."

I should also note that both Siddiqi and Marayati have refused to sign the Freedom Letter by Former Muslims United asking for a simple statement that apostates from Islam in the US not be harmed. At least Siddiqi condemned the treatment of religious minorities and forced conversions, which he said is condemned by Islamic scholars. I am not so sure I agree with that last statement.

Let us also pick apart Siddiei's claim that Islam stands against acts of terror directed against "innocent life" and civilians. That kind of leaves the door open a bit, does it not? What is his definition of innocent and civilians? He also warned of "provocateurs' (informants?)

And if Siddiqi is truly a moderate, why does the book store at his mosque feature works by Yusuf al Qaradawi and Maulana Abul Ala Maududi and his wife?

I also took note of Abner's reference to a recent conference at the Federal law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC-in Brunswick, Ga) which included MPAC. She also referenced the establishment by DOJ of a pilot program in LA, Boston and Minneapolis. (All three of the Americans reported killed recently while fighting for ISIS came from Minnesota, where there is a heavy Somali population. Had it not been for a misguided refugee program that brought some 80,000 Somalis to the US, we would not have that problem.)

I also got  a chuckle out of Downing's reference to all the success LAPD has had with gangs by working with the community. LA is a "sanctuary city", and illegal alien gang members benefit from that policy.

In summary, this is just more propaganda brought to us by manipulators like Marayati and Siddiqi and abetted by useful idiots like Michael Downing.

Spiritual Warfare at Street Level

1. The Red and The Black

When World War II began, the Soviets were in league with the Nazis. The Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov and his Nazi counterpart, Joachim von Ribbentrop, signed a pact dividing Eastern Europe into two spheres of influence and on 17th September 1939, in accordance with that agreement, the Red Army invaded Poland. Josef Stalin boasted that the Soviet Union and the Third Reich had an alliance that was 'cemented in blood'.1

Anyone who resisted the Soviet occupation in the East was jailed, deported or executed. Between September 1939 and June 1941, when the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa, the NKVD arrested over 100 thousand Polish nationals. Many ended up in a Siberian gulag. Over 8 thousand people were sentenced to death.2

The head of the NKVD at this time was Lavrenty Beria, a notorious sexual predator and sadist.3 After the Soviet invasion, thousands of Polish officers were captured and held in camps at Ostashkov, Kozelsk and Starobilsk.4 Beria proposed that these POWs should have applied to them 'the supreme punishment - shooting'. Stalin agreed, and on 5th March 1940, he signed an order to that effect.5

The prisoners were transported to different murder sites around the Katyn forest, where they were shot in cold blood by agents of the NKVD.6 Many of the Poles were reservists who in civilian life were lawyers, university lecturers and medical professionals.7

When the Katyn forest massacre was exposed in 1943, Molotov turned reality on its head and attacked the Polish government in exile for protesting about the war crime that had been committed on Polish soil.8

Molotov also took the opportunity to attack the Polish government in exile for wanting to hang on to their own nation and live according to their own traditional values. The Soviets made it clear to the British and the Americans that they were going to keep control of the Polish territory they had claimed under the terms of the Nazi-Soviet pact.9

In the opening volume of his history of the war, Winston Churchill described the Soviets as amoral, brutal and callous. He is also on record as saying that the Soviets could prove to be even more dangerous than the Nazis.10 Nevertheless, after Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain on 10th May 1940, he realised that Britain could not prevail in the global conflict that was ramping up without some powerful allies, so he tried to bring both America and the Soviet Union into the war on the side of Great Britain.11

Stalin resisted Churchill's advances until the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa in June of 1941. In the early hours of June 22nd, German bombers attacked 66 Soviet airfields and by mid-day, more than a thousand Soviet aircraft had been destroyed, either on the ground or in the air. At the same time, the German army advanced into Soviet-held territory along a 930 mile front. Churchill responded by making a public announcement on British radio, in which he declared that the Soviets were now on the side of the British in their fight against Hitler's Germany. At a meeting of the War Cabinet the following day, Churchill stated that he wanted Britain to provide as much aid as possible to the Soviets.

As the Germans continued to advance, Stalin appeared unable to cope with what was happening. On the 28th June he left for his dacha at Kuntsevo, and stayed there until Beria and Molotov went out and dragged him back. Churchill had the British Ambassador to Russia, Stafford Cripps, deliver a letter to Stalin on 8th July in which he indicated that he was willing to provide aid to the Soviet Union. Stalin made it clear that he wanted a formal commitment on the part of the UK to supply military aid to Russia and to fight together against Nazi Germany. Churchill agreed to this, and on the 12th of July 1941, Great Britain and the USSR signed an agreement to that effect. Churchill finally had an ally who would do the heavy lifting in the ground war against Germany, and it was not America, it was the Soviet Union.12

In September 1941, a British-American delegation visited Moscow, and Lord Beaverbrook promised that Britain would provide the Soviet Union with military aid. In an effort to honour that agreement, the British government sent regular convoys carrying military equipment and raw materials to the northern Soviet ports of Archangel and Murmansk.13 The ships would lie at anchor on the West Coast of Scotland or in the Icelandic fjords before sailing in a convoy through Norwegian waters, where they would be attacked by German subs and aircraft. The seas were bitterly cold and if a ship went down, survivors had only minutes to live. The Arctic convoys were so dangerous that the British Chiefs of Staff recommended that convoy PQ16 to Murmansk should be postponed,14 but Churchill insisted that the convoy should go ahead. Acknowledging the danger faced by the Allied sailors, Churchill told General Ismay that if half the ships made it through to Murmansk, he would consider PQ16 a success.15

The Allied ships left Hvalfjord in Iceland on 21st of May16 and on the 24th, Churchill received a 'Most Secret' Naval communique informing him that the convoy had been located by German submarine U 586, and the Germans were now heading to an intercept point West-South-West of Bear Island.17 The Allied sailors fought back as best they could,18 but the Nazis sank 7 of the ships that had sailed from Iceland. Using Churchill's criteria, this meant the mission had been successful. He had demonstrated to Stalin that he was willing to sacrifice British lives in order to help the Soviet Union.19

The British historian Sir Max Hastings has said that the British alliance with the Soviets was a necessary evil which led inevitably to lesser evils.20 But there are no lesser evils. As Jax Teller once said in the Sons of Anarchy, after you cross the line, there is only the other side of the line.21

Churchill had shown that he was capable of crossing that line when he ordered the French fleet sunk rather than let it fall into the hands of the Nazis.22 Now he sent British sailors to their deaths in order to satisfy Josef Stalin.

Winston Churchill was a huge political figure, and a literary genius to boot. He stood against Hitler when no one else did, and inspired his countrymen and women to stand against Nazi Germany when no on else could have done so. If half the stories about him are true, he was also able to hold his drink remarkably well. But if Churchill was a prince among men, then he was a Machiavellian prince, who knew how to get his hands dirty.23

The lessons the West has taken from World War II may be 'politically correct', but they are contrary to all facts and logic. Nationalism and militarisation are now supposed to be the root cause of international conflict, and multiculturalism is supposed to prevent it.

If the Poles had adopted multiculturalism as their guiding philosophy during the 1930s, that would not have prevented the National Socialists from invading their country. But if they had confronted the Nazis' Panzer Divisions with Markeva tanks and the Luftwaffe had been met by the pilots of 303 Squadron flying IAF F-16s, then Polish nationalisation and militarisation would have settled the Nazis' hash and stopped World War II before it started.

As the Israeli journalist Caroline Glick has said, the true cause of the war was that Germany had embraced evil, and the most important lesson to take from World War II is that nation states should not only be militarily strong, since that can act as an effective deterrent against aggressors, they must be morally strong as well.24

In Britain today, we can see the opposite happening. It would be easy to dismiss most politicians as incompetent liars who have never done an honest day's work in their lives, but that would be a mistake. They may have absolutely no idea how to do anything useful or productive, but that's not how we should judge politicians, because that's not what they are trying to do.

The bombing of the US embassies in Dar es Salaam (the abode of peace) and Nairobi, the attack on the USS Cole and the suicide attacks in America on September 11th 2001, have been followed by similar terrorist attacks around the world.25 Now, wars and rumours of wars fill the daily news, Iraq and Syria are coming apart at the seams, and we are facing the prospect of hundreds of trained killers engaging in jihad once they return 'home' to the UK.26

The political elite in Britain and America have sacrificed thousands of soldiers' lives and spent an incalculable amount of our money in the Middle East, and this is what they have achieved.27

As Amir Tsarfati has said, the conflict in the Middle East is a spiritual war,28 and you can't defend yourself unless you know who the adversary is. The commencement of hostilities was not announced by the howl of Stukas or the crashing of bombs. This is a slow-burn conflict against an enemy that is operating on a long-term, Satanic timescale.29

That conflict has spread throughout the world, and we can all see which side the political elite are on. They have spent years doing everything in their power to undermine our traditional Judeo-Christian values and destroy our personal liberty. Our societies are being degraded from within, to the point where individual citizens can be labelled as political prisoners and sacrificed in the name of the state.30 When that level of hatred and deceit is once again accepted, and lawlessness and blasphemy have become the rule, many people claiming to be Christians will give themselves over to the state and betray their brothers and sisters. The remnant will be hated throughout the world, and many will be put to death.31

If anyone doesn't believe that this could happen in Great Britain or the United States, then they need to look back through history to realise that it can happen, and they need to look at how Christians are treated in the rest of the world today to see that it is happening. We have to accept that what is coming our way is going to be fully worse.

And it's almost here.

Buy the book here.

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Multiculturalism - The Final Solution

One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.
This ancient faith rests on the conviction that all the positive values in which men have believed must, in the end, be compatible, and perhaps even entail one another. ‘Nature binds truth, happiness and virtue together by an indissoluble chain’, said one of the best men who ever lived, and spoke in similar terms of liberty, equality and justice.
But is this true? It is a commonplace that neither political equality nor efficient organisation nor social justice is compatible with more than a modicum of individual liberty, and certainly not with unrestricted laissez-faire; that justice and generosity, public and private loyalties, the demands of genius and the claims of society can conflict violently with each other. And it is no great way from that to the generalisation that not all good things are compatible, still less all the ideals of mankind . But somewhere, we shall be told, and in some way, it must be possible for all these values to live together, for unless this is so, the universe is not a cosmos, not a harmony; unless this is so, conflicts of values may be an intrinsic, irremovable element in human life. To admit that the fulfilment of some of our ideals may in principle make the fulfilment of others impossible is to say that the notion of total human fulfilment is a formal contradiction, a metaphysical chimera.”
Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (pp. 237-238). Random House. Kindle Edition.

Finally, the mainstream media are beginning to acknowledge the poisonous fruits of multiculturalism. For years journalists have been afraid to speak the truth about what is happening in Britain, just as the council workers in Rotherham who were responsible for child welfare were afraid to speak the truth. And what is the truth they have been so afraid to give voice to? Multiculturalism is a failure, both as a political theory and as a matter of fact.
When the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany joined forces at the beginning of the war, Time magazine referred to the enemies of civilization as “Communazis”. Each had their final solution to the question of how human beings should live together on earth, and they were both willing to employ absolutely any means in order to achieve that end. We have seen the same mindset in government, both at a national level and in local councils up and down the land for many years now. Their final solution to the question of how we are to live is “multiculturalism”, and woe betide anyone who questioned that unproven, impossible theory.
The Soviets would as a matter of practice smear individuals who questioned the party line by declaring them to be Nazi sympathisers, and the Communazis who have been running rampant in the UK for years now have, as we all know, adopted the same policy. Anyone who questions them is immediately said to be a “Nazi”, “far right” (whatever that even means) and of course, a “racist”. The new Communazis of the UK will happily sacrifice the livelihoods and reputations of dissenting individuals in the name of their final solution.
As we have just seen, the new Communazis have been willing to sacrifice thousands of vulnerable young girls in the name of their final solution too. In their minds, any price must be paid, if it means their final solution is to come to pass.

The possibility of a final solution – even if we forget the terrible sense that these words acquired in Hitler’s day – turns out to be an illusion; and a very dangerous one. For if one really believes that such a solution is possible, then surely no cost would be too high to obtain it : to make mankind just and happy and creative and harmonious for ever – what could be too high a price to pay for that? To make such an omelette, there is surely no limit to the number of eggs that should be broken – that was the faith of Lenin, of Trotsky, of Mao, for all I know of Pol Pot. Since I know the only true path to the ultimate solution of the problem of society, I know which way to drive the human caravan; and since you are ignorant of what I know, you cannot be allowed to have liberty of choice even within the narrowest limits, if the goal is to be reached. You declare that a given policy will make you happier, or freer, or give you room to breathe; but I know that you are mistaken, I know what you need, what all men need; and if there is resistance based on ignorance or malevolence, then it must be broken and hundreds of thousands may have to perish to make millions happy for all time. What choice have we, who have the knowledge, but to be willing to sacrifice them all? Some armed prophets seek to save mankind , and some only their own race because of its superior attributes, but whichever the motive, the millions slaughtered in wars or revolutions – gas chambers, gulag, genocide, all the monstrosities for which our century will be remembered – are the price men must pay for the felicity of future generations. If your desire to save mankind is serious, you must harden your heart, and not reckon the cost. The answer to this was given more than a century ago by the Russian radical Alexander Herzen. In his essay From the Other Shore, which is in effect an obituary notice of the revolutions of 1848, he said that a new form of human sacrifice had arisen in his time – of living human beings on the altars of abstractions – nation, Church, party, class, progress, the forces of history – these have all been invoked in his day and in ours: if these demand the slaughter of living human beings, they must be satisfied.”
Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (pp. 12-13). Random House. Kindle Edition.

As anyone who spends more than five minutes thinking about it will realise, the core concept of multiculturalism, namely that all cultural values are compatible, and even in some mysterious sense the same, is utterly false. Multiculturalism is not only a proven practical failure, it does not even make any sense. Logically speaking, multiculturalism is an absurdity.

What is clear is that values can clash – that is why civilisations are incompatible. They can be incompatible between cultures, or groups in the same culture, or between you and me.”
Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 10). Random House. Kindle Edition.

The notion of the perfect whole, the ultimate solution, in which all good things coexist, seems to me to be not merely unattainable – that is a truism – but conceptually incoherent; I do not know what is meant by a harmony of this kind.”
Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 11). Random House. Kindle Edition.

This has not prevented the new Communazis from taking over and transforming our societies. Reality means nothing to them. Logic, morality, truth – they must all be sacrificed in the name of their final solution. The fact that 1400 vulnerable young girls have been brutally raped, sexually abused, physically assaulted, attacked and even murdered in the name of “community cohesion” shows the depths to which the Communazis will sink in the name of their final solution. In order to make a multicultural omelette, these evil men and women are willing to break any amount of eggs.

The one thing that we may be sure of is the reality of the sacrifice, the dying and the dead. But the ideal for the sake of which they die remains unrealised. The eggs are broken, and the habit of breaking them grows, but the omelette remains invisible . Sacrifices for short-term goals, coercion, if men’s plight is desperate enough and truly requires such measures , may be justified. But holocausts for the sake of distant goals, that is a cruel mockery of all that men hold dear, now and at all times.”
Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 14). Random House. Kindle Edition.

True believers will never give up their final solution, we all know that. It is too much to expect them to start acting in a rational and moral way, in councils up and down the country. These people are still there, still welded to the structure of British society, and they are still aiming to destroy everything and everyone who stands in their way or who threatens their power base. But now – finally – the press has begun to ask questions about “community cohesion” and “multiculturalism” and the inevitable shouts of “racism” whenever anyone speaks the truth in Great Britain. What this means in effect is it is now going to be possible to talk honestly and openly about the problems with multiculturalism both at a practical and theoretical level, because we can point to this example of evil being allowed to flourish unchecked as a prime example of how multiculturalism can go wrong. This is now simply undeniable.
These evil men and women who sacrificed the health and wellbeing, even the lives of 1400 vulnerable young women may have thought that doing so would bring about their final solution.
Instead, it may help put an end to it.

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A Shameful Attack on a Moderate Muslim in His Own Mosque

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Samira

I am cross-posting this piece in the Arizona Republic by Dr Zuhdi Jasser, of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Dr Jasser is a Muslim who has the courage to speak out against Islamic extremism and organizations like CAIR. Most recently, he has spoken out against Hamas. For that, he was excoriated in the presence of his family by a low-life named Yaser Ali at his own mosque in Arizona.


"...they are not from amongst us"

To Mr Ali, I say it is you who are not from amongst us.  Your comments are disgusting. If you want to defend Hamas, a US-designated terrorist organization then it is you who are not from amongst us, Mr Ali.

Zuhdi Jasser is a shining example of an American  Muslim we should rally around and support. We need more like him and fewer like Yaser Ali.

Jihad vs Crusades-Bill Warner

Just watch and excellent from Bill Warner and Political Islam.

Whenever you’re dealing with an apologist for Islam, or even a Muslim, and you bring up jihad, almost immediately, they kickback to you: “But what about those terrible crusades? Why they’re the moral justification for jihad and we’re just as bad as they are. So let's not talk about jihad, okay? Let’s talk about the Crusades.”

Well, what I would like to talk about here, are facts. I created a database of 548 battles that Islam fought: jihad battles against classical civilization. This isn’t even all the battles. It doesn't include battles Africa, India, Afghanistan and other locations. It’s primarily at data base of the battles against the classical civilization of Rome and Greece.

548 battles are a lot; too many to comprehend. So I created a dynamic battle map with displays of the Mediterranean in 20 year increments. On the display, a white dot designates a battle during the twenty-year period, a new battle. Every time the screen changes to the next 20 year period, the previous white dots turn red and a new set of current battles  are shown with white dots so you can see the unfolding history.

This may seem a little confusing, but when you see it you'll know exactly what I mean.

As the dynamic display starts, Islam bursts out of the Arabian Peninsula and immediately starts attacking the Middle East. Notice that it is not long before there are battles across the Mediterranean and attacks in southern France, and Spain.

Notice something else: when most people think of Islam, they think of Arabs; and of desert. Yet here we see that Islam is projecting power throughout the Mediterranean. Notice how the little islands of the Mediterranean are getting hammered. The navy of Islam would attack coastal towns, kill, rob, rape, and then take slaves. As this entire battle map unfolds, slaves are taken. Over a million slaves were taken from of Europe into the Islamic world. It’s something you don't think about, but it's absolutely true.

There were over 200 battles fought in Spain alone. We also see, however, on the east coast, in Turkey, that Islamic forces attempt to break into Europe. What happens in Spain during this ongoing fight that lasted for 400 years is that the Christians push back the Moslems. But what happens in the East is that Constantinople falls and now then eastern Europe gets hammered. The jihad comes to Eastern Europe. It’s pushed out of Spain, but northern Africa becomes completely Islamic, and the Middle East is completely Islamic.

This is all jihad, relentless jihad. And why is it so relentless?

Well, Mohammed was relentless in his jihad, and these people are good students of Islam. And so it's jihad against the Kafir, endlessly.

It was traditional that when a new Sultan came to power, he would immediately attempt to launch new wars because he would be noted in Islamic history as to how well he fought against the Kafir.

So that's what the jihad looked like over that time period: 548 battles. But remember, when you bring up jihad, people want to bring up the Crusades. So I also prepared a dynamic battle map of all the offensive raids of the crusaders. Let’s watch it and make a comparison.

As it begins, the Crusades enter Turkey and the Middle East; battles ensue. But there are far fewer than you might think. And in short order, the map concludes. The last battles are fought and the Crusades are over.

Now we can talk about some facts! Yes, there were Crusades. But notice that they ended centuries ago, and jihad is still being practiced today. Jihad has been with us for 1400 years. There is no comparison between jihad and the Crusades; certainly not a moral comparison. And when you’re looking at the Crusades, remember, in one sense the Crusades were defensive wars. Why? As we saw in the first jihad map, it was Islam that came out of Arabia and conquered the Middle East, a Christian Middle East. The crusaders were trying to free their Christian brothers and sisters from jihad. So there's no moral comparison all. The motivation of the crusaders was to free Christians; the purpose of jihad was, and still is, to enslave the Kafir.

So, the next time you hear somebody talk about “those dreadful Crusades”, respond to the facts of the matter. Speak up and tell that person, “You don't really know the facts!”

Source is here.

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